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For over 15 years, Cheeky Chimps Music has taken hundreds of children’s parties and thousands of music and movement classes for preschoolers and toddlers all over Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

What We Do

We sing, we dance, we learn to listen to all sorts of music through games, we improve co-ordination through movement and generally get up to all sorts of fun. This all happens in a very laid-back and friendly environment where children are allowed to be themselves, letting their confidence grow.

One of our main goals is to make a wide variety of good quality music accessible to the youngsters and to encourage and enable them to engage with the music and each other in their own way.

Historically, during it’s first ten years, Cheeky Chimps held many weekly classes.  Lots of these were in community village halls and some classes were even hosted in residential homes with the children alongside the elderly.

Nowadays,  Anita runs weekly classes (see below) in nurseries and special needs schools which are not usually open to the public (although some are, see our Facebook).

If you are a nursery, toddler group or special needs school and would be interested in music and movement sessions please contact Anita.  Availablity is very limited but all requests are considered.

Cheeky Chimps also continues to take bookings for children’s parties which are a lot of fun.  If you would like further details please contact Anita.


“Daisy is really enjoying the sessions and each week I can see her confidence growing. She is often reluctant to get down but I was thrilled that she was shouting out and all sorts this week… fab. Thank you”
Sam (Deputy Head Teacher) x

“Cheeky Chimps has really introduced Ariel to the joy of music and dance. She loves all of the different activities and enjoys dancing and playing music with children of differing ages (I’ve found other groups too restrictive). The only problem I would say is that she’s a little too enthusiastic at times, which I guess is a compliment to you!

Personally, I like the way the new activities take place within a repeated framework, so Ariel feels secure and more confident to try new things. As a first time Mum I appreciate Cheeky Chimps as it has taught me songs and activities I can do at home.”
Beverlee – Teacher

“When searching through netmums looking for an entertainer for my son’s 2nd Birthday, I come across Cheeky Chimps Music. I really liked the sound of the activities offered as it was appropriate for my son’s age group. Today was my son’s 2nd birthday party and Anita was absolutely fantastic. I arranged for Anita to stay for one hour and there was so much covered in this time (singing, dancing, bubbles, pompoms, musical instruments and even some dancing that involved us mums) which flowed so smoothly. The children loved the entertainment and all the mums complimented Anita who was great.

I would highly recommend Anita, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Thank you Anita for today, everyone had a brilliant time. My friend’s son George said to her that it was the best party he has ever been to, George is 5yrs so he must have been to a few parties. I have to say, absolute first class entertainment.”  Faye


For more information and to enquire about availablity, please contact Anita: