Shortlisted for Netmums Favourite Preschool Class Award 2012

Netmums Nominated Cheeky Chimps Music Preschool Classes in Gosfield and Stambourne have both been nominated by the Netmums members of the North Essex site as one of their favourite preschool activity classes.  We’ve reached the final shortlist and are in the lead.  Final voting finishes on 17th June 2012.

Thank you to all of you who have voted. If you love Cheeky Chimps Music and would like to vote again for us to win please visit the link:
NETMUMS Favourite Preschool Class in North Essex 2012

Netmums Members Favorite Preschool Class

2 Replies to “Shortlisted for Netmums Favourite Preschool Class Award 2012”

  1. Two votes from us here too, and well deserved, we miss your classes so much! Well done, looks like you will win hands down, hope it brings you good fortune. Everyone I ever knew in Essex loved your classes, both for the content of the classes, and for your attitude towards it too, you have never been greedy, always reasonable and friendly to deal with and it has paid off, and I know Olivia always loved being able to ask for a request. So much preferable to the franchised classes which were so rigid.

  2. Huge congratulations on reaching the final four, that is brilliant. I really hope you win – all your hard work and dedication has really paid off. It just goes to show you can be a mum and have a successful business. You should be very proud of yourself and what you have achieved, Nichola x

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