Pictures from a visit to BUDS, a special needs play scheme in Finchingfield. We support this wonderful group every year with free music sessions. It was the usual fun and games for all the children attending. BUDS offers a much needed service for families in this area with special needs children. They offer these play schemes as often in the school holidays as they can.

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Smartie Tube Fund Raising

We currently have Smartie tubes for everyone who comes along to Cheeky Chimps who wants to help raise a bit of cash for charity.  The good part is you can eat the Smarties; the best part is the tubes are a perfect size for your spare 20p coins. Every tube will hold up to £15 so hopefully we’ll be able to raise a significant amount for The Baby Isaac Fund.

We’ll collect up the tubes at our Summer Picnics or in September when our classes start again.