Baby Isaac Fund’s Hospital Donation

We recently received an update from the Baby Isaac Fund and we wanted to share with all the mums who’ve done their bit and put money in the tin.  The charity was able to present £21,000 to St. George’s Hospital in London who’ve bought some highly specialized medical equipment. 

Dear friends

We wanted to update you that Baby Isaac Fund has made its first significant donation to the neonatal unit at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, London.

Thanks to your generosity and support, we are delighted to share that the neonatal surgical team have received two highly specialized neonatal laparoscopic instrument sets, costing over £21,000.

The innovative sets, the first to be used in the UK, are 30 per cent smaller than standard laparoscopy equipment, allowing minimally invasive surgery to be carried out on newborn patients with abdominal and chest problems.

St George’s is home to one of the busiest paediatric general surgical teams in London. As a result of this generous donation, they will be able to operate laparoscopically on increasing numbers of newborn babies. The smaller size of these instruments makes them stronger and more durable than standard laparoscopy kits, which will help improve patient care.

Words can’t really convey how humbled and thankful we are to everyone who has contributed their time and money to helping the fund donate this much needed equipment to the incredible team at St George’s.

Their work changes lives every single day and the care they and the full neonatal team showed Isaac and every other baby and child who arrives in the neonatal unit at the most vulnerable time imaginable, will never leave Cristina and I. To everybody who has supported the fund, thank you. Somewhere Isaac is smiling knowing that other babies stand a stronger chance of getting better.

Please watch this space for the next fundraising challenge to help poorly newborn babies recover quicker and get home to their families.