Bridging the Gap

A new music class starting at Colne View, Halstead. Set in this beautiful residential home with some of the more mature members of the community present, we’ll be up to our usual pre-school fun and games, singing, bubbles, instruments, props, and lots more …
Fridays 1:30pm (Starting 21st September 2012)

Cheeky Chimps Music @ Colne View Residential Home (Halstead)
Fridays 1:30pm (from 21st September 2012)

Weekly Class Prices for Cheeky Chimps Music at Colne View, Halstead

Per child over 1 year £3.75
6 months to 1 year £2.75
Younger siblings over one £2.00
Babies under 6 months £1 donation to the Baby Isaac Fund
(payable at the door)
Siblings under 1 year Free

* Prices shown above are per class


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  1. Hi, sounds great, I love the idea of the young and old. Teaches little ones respect and gives the older people visitors they may lack. A great idea.

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