Bridging The Gap Class… A Huge Success

Our first class in the old people’s home was full of smiles, old and young.

“Thank you for Friday, both Jasper and I loved it.
The setting is beautiful, the numbers for the size was ideal. I felt by us as parents being on the floor with the children made us instantly more involved and when the smalls were ready they had the confidence to stand up, explore and join in.
It would be lovely to see similar faces and get to know some of the residents a little.
Looking forward to this Friday too.”

“…we really enjoyed the class and will be there this week. I think Oscar being a little older was more aware but certainly for Theo I hope he will grow up with the classes seeing being in the setting as normal.
The residents seemed really happy to see the children, a couple were really verbal about their enjoyment which was lovely.”

Bridging the Gap

A new music class starting at Colne View, Halstead. Set in this beautiful residential home with some of the more mature members of the community present, we’ll be up to our usual pre-school fun and games, singing, bubbles, instruments, props, and lots more …
Fridays 1:30pm (Starting 21st September 2012)

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Bridging a Gap Between the Young and Old

We’re about to try something very new. After some consultation with our regular Mums, Cheeky Chimps Music are going to put on a regular class in a local old people’s home. The residents will be present at the sessions watching from the periphery as the usual fun and games take place. Everyone we’ve asked has been very positive and we think it could enrich the lives of the children, their parents and the old folk alike. Continue reading “Bridging a Gap Between the Young and Old”